Metal Yapı is one the worlds leading facade specialists, providing high quality architectural envelopes with a product range comprising bespoke unitized curtain wall systems, active and interactive intelligent facades with ventilation, single layer free form structures, all types of steel and glass systems, sun shading systems and metal cladding.

Metal Yapı employs a uniquely integrated, self sufficient process encompassing custom design engineering, testing, fabrication, installion and full life cycle maintanence of the envelop. These processes are managed through custom designed ERP software which facilitates online monitoring and management at every stage. Systems link to the companies own, self designed CNC machines ensuring direct integration through all stages from design to manufacture.

The Company is commited to continuous development and innovation. Online feedback is gathered from each department thus involving all teams within the company in the design process in a fully multidisciplinary approach. The result is ongoing rethinking, reengineering and continuous design improvement and thus an exceptional knowledge bank. This level of continuous improvement and development is unique to Metal Yapı.

Metal Yapı’s system design experience spans 50 years, with its visionary founder establishing the business in the late nineteen sixties in Turkey. Responding to the architectural trend for light glass and steel structures, and the Client’s demand for single source responsibilty both for the structure and the facade, Metal Yapı founded Metal Yapı Engineering & Construction, specialising in architectural steel works, and Metal Yapı INOX, providing all type of architectural stainless steel works, partnering with the leading clients in these sectors.

Metal Yapı Holdings comprises 16 companies and 7 branches in 13 countries and operates 3 factories in İstanbul. The company has completed more than 1000 projects successfully in 4 continents. With more than 1600 young and dynamic personnel (of which 250 are engineers or architects) from 15 nations Metal Yapı Holdings is an international industry leader with a capacity of 720.000 m2/year of facade and 24,000 tons of steel.


Metal Yapı has raised the bar in the facade sector. For Metal Yapı, it is no longer sufficient to produce the highest quality products or to use the best materials. Metal Yapı sets itself apart from competitors by combining these basic attributes with less tangible added value elements such as innovative design taking into account multiple viewpoints, anticipating the needs of the end users, speed and rapid response in all phases of the project and, above all a customer friendly approach to the client.

Metal Yapı combines these elements of its operating model into it’s stated goal to be the best facade company of the world by the year 2023. The best, not the biggest big enough to be well known over the world, yet small enough to be well managed. The most effective with its quality and service, the most efficient by reinforcing its own competitive power. How do we achieve this? By designing better, being faster in all activities, more responsive to inquiries, more flexible to change requests, providing better service, and being more innovative than competitors in striving to provide competitive solutions for valued clients.

Our Values

The success of Metal Yapı lies in its commitment to moral and cultural values;

Priority given to ethical values and fairness
Providing a restful working atmosphere for our personnel based on our culture codes
Providing a democratic and tolerable ambience within the company so that all personnel takes part in the management and control process
Training and improving the abilities of the personnel
Dedicated working habits of all the team
Customer friendly oriented management
Following and applying the latest art of technology
Aligning ourselves with the leaders of the sector
Transperancy with our client, suppliers and personnel
Continuous improvement of quality and service